Case Study

Leman Pro

The client confided in us to build a platform to helps soccer players of all ages have a shot at being part of a skilled team, fulfill their dreams, and chase their passion. More so, to provide organizations with ample opportunities to find talented players under the same roof.

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What Was The Actual Challenge?

The client was a great admirer of soccer himself. He discerned the players' endeavors that they encounter while connecting with the teams and organizations to ace the interviewing and selection process. The same troubles fall in the laps of the teams and organizations as well.

You must be wondering what the challenge here was.

As a developer, the challenging feat was to maintain the confidentiality of the platform while creating a precise database coupled with multiple functionalities. More so, since the idea was quirky in its own nature, it was tough to conceptualize the functionality and transform the idea into a tangible reality. Not to mention, meeting with the Play Store and App store guidelines was also a tough row to hoe because the app was needed to be less native with many cross-domain functionalities.

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How Did Codedigital Embrace The Challenge?

Thanks to the pool of our seasoned crew and sundry technical skills, Codedigital created an impeccable product and named it “LeMan Pro.” This intelligent product, which resulted from a thorough analysis of the clients‘s specifications, is now genuinely helping soccer players achieve their dreams. The app serves as a common platform where organizations get into contact with talented players and vice versa.

It goes unsaid that the popularity of sports is not confined to any culture and community, and it undoubtedly bridges the gaps between folks across the globe.

Getting connected with this application is so easy. By signing up and selecting the desired team, they become a part of the professional soccer team. Above all else, the app is effortlessly easy-to-use, complemented with brilliant features. That too, built for both Android and IOS devices.

How Did We Implement?

With the integration of the functionality and GPS, Codedigital made the application having no room for complaints. Our team combatted the challenge of designing an application for the target audience with an artistic approach. We made the app with appealing features coupled with sophistication and simplicity. As Rome was not built in a day, it took us an iterative strategy to come with a flawless product that meets each need, that too in the most efficient manner. Last but not the least, in our product-making procedure, agility was the name of our game.

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The Final Result Is Worth-praising!

LeMan Pro surrounds clubs with the ability to embrace command of the tedious work of player hiring, tryout promotions, and player-to-team communication. That too in an all-in-one approach. The platform provides players the opportunity to have a good grasp over their career with uninterrupted access to information about the approaching tryouts sponsored by clubs across the globe.