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Go mentor

The client approached us with the idea of having a collaborative platform, allowing mentors and students to share knowledge online. More so, the platform was expected to bring visible and pragmatic changes in the communities and schools.

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Get To Know About the App

The objective of the application was to offer online solutions for tutoring and mentoring organization. In the unprecedented times of the pandemic, it became a dire need to leverage innovation, creativity, and technology to help bridge the gap between students and tutors. With that in mind, the client wanted to help the leaders of the non-profit organizations and schools to effectively get in touch with the mentees.









What Comes As Challenge To Codedigital?

Since our client is a great social activist, he thought to celebrate a platform that will allow individuals to engage, learn, and awash themselves with the best advice. He longed to enhance people’s lifestyles, help them make informed decisions, and become inspiring leaders.

To incorporate all these attributes in an application was the biggest responsibility on the shoulders of Codedigital; however, we braced ourselves and began working. More so, maintaining the confidentiality and building one-to-multiple functionalities was also a challenge. Additionally, the idea was unique in its own nature, so it was hard to intellectualize the functionality and convert it into a reality.

For Codedigital, There Is Nothing Like a Challenge!

With a thorough analysis of the given requirements and the use of technical skills, Codedigital introduced a product named “GoMentor”. The app served as an intelligent platform to enlighten urban students with mentoring. The application is rich with the power of empowering mentees to become emerging leaders and bring positive changes to the planet.

In short, Go Mentor becomes a go-to application for connecting students with tutors/mentors with the help of live mentoring sessions and surveys.

To become a part of this initiative, you just need to sign up, select the kind of mentorship you are interested in, and here you go to undergo the ultimate user experience.

Go Mentor is an easy-to-use app with brilliant features, built for both iOS & Android devices.

Behind the Scenes

Codedigital leaves no room for complaints; thus, it implemented the chatting functionality without any lag. To make the application responsive on the diversified screen sizes, our developers used HTML-5. More so, to combat the challenge of standing out from the already existing apps, our team invested a long time to design a highly appealing, sophisticated, and easy-to-use application. With an iterative approach, our skilled crew did the trick.

Progress Speaks For the Credibility

Due to the optimal level implementation of the project, the progress is astronomical. The statistics of the user base are itself a sign of the credibility of the application. It’s been only six months, but the application has garnered the attention of countless people.

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Here’s a glimpse of the screens that are a part of the application. Undoubtedly, they are highly intuitive, easy-to-use, eye-pleasing with fluid navigation.