Case Study


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What Made Our Clients Visit Us?

The client wanted to launch a revolutionary app built with the tendency to change the way artists connect with their fans. More so, he wanted to create an app with which people can discover upcoming music/artists. Long story short, the clients aspired to evolve the way individuals stream and enjoy music.









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The Project Came With Certain Challenges...

Although there are many video/music streaming apps available on both Android and iOS platforms, very few of them help artists get in touch with their fans. The client being opportunistic, thought to cash in on this missing aspect and visited us to bridge this artist-fan gap.

Everything was fine, with an exception. The app was intended for underground artists to get popularity and secure a fanbase. It was mandatory to create visually attractive profiles. Also, giving the artists the option to gain control over their fans was also challenging.

However, There Is Nothing We Can’t Do!

With a collaborative approach, Codedigital aimed to combat challenges. We started off by outlining the goals of the app and creating a wishlist of functionalities. The seasoned team benchmarked the best available applications to plot the strategy. Mutually, we concluded that the app should not only allow artists to connect with their fans, but it should also celebrate the aspiring artists.

Apart from mentioning the profile of the artists, we give the app offer users the freedom to access the artists’ performance, view schedules, and connect with them directly.

This app also features a scheduling option. Also, the users of this app can save artists’ performances on their “favorites” menu. More so, the user may also design his own playlist and share it with friends and on social media platforms. We have also included the sharing features like commenting, liking, and sharing — enabling the users to applaud the performance of the emerging artists.

To achieve the maximum and uncompromised result, the team at Codedigital was assigned tasks to conclude within the given timeframe. Since the scope was to deliver an iOS app, we proceeded with a hybrid agile model along with PhoneGap. The end-product is undoubtedly nothing short of amazing.

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A Little Walkthrough of the App!

The newly launched app allows users to stream new music and list down their best-loved songs. The communication feature of the app helps artists constructively get in touch with their followers. The app is linked with social media allowing users to share their playlists and stories with others.


The App Is Ready To Do Wonders Now!

Due to this App, it becomes easy for artists to stream their music and interact with their fans. Without the shadow of a doubt, Evoke has been proving as a valuable tool for users. And the team at Codedigital makes sure that the functionality never gets hurt with the growth in user base.

With the help of cutting-edge technology, client support, and our team’s invincible skills, we have truly effectuated our claims!