Apps are available in different variants. Whether playing, reading or against boredom, apps are constant companions of our life. Apps simplify our lives and makes them more comfortable. A world without Apps is unimaginable. We from CodeDigitals try exactly to develop those apps, which cover our needs.


Websites are now present. Whether as a private individual, bloggers or businessman. To demonstrate your presence is a personalized web page, this is the effective and best possible way. A personalized website speaks to customers and brings the same time your own message. We from CodeDigitals are happy to assist you.


HTML5 and CSS3 bring new opportunities to make a website. But the focus is on the responsive design. It allows to create applications that adapt to the device. Whether desktop, tablet or smartphone a responsive layout ensures that the content will show up correctly on all devices. We from CodeDigitals like to help you to creating such solutions.

Our Team

Wissam Azab

Adviser / Creative Talent

Imran Hossain

CEO / Programmer

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CodeDigitals is a start up that want to establish in the software industry, especially to the app market. The company doesn't consists of persons which have studied informatics, but people who passionately like to program. Our vision is to share our ideas, in form of apps, with the world and hope for a great response.

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